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Top 5 family board games to enjoy over the holidays


Family board games create memories. It’s as simple as that. Don’t let a cardboard box intimidate you. Go ahead. Open one up. These games are worthy of a holiday family gathering.

It seems many moms are determined to simplify the typical holiday chaos this year. If you’re one of them, consider the power of the family board game. Does sitting around a table, talking, laughing and getting to know each other sound like a foreign concept? These five board games will ease you into old-fashioned family fun while entertaining even the most socially-networked kids.

1Rory's Story CubesRory’s Story Cubes

Storytelling is definitely a lost art, but you and your family can become tellers of tales with Rory’s Story Cubes ($15). Each player takes turns rolling the nine dice that display different images on each side. Simply take a look at the face-up images and start talking as your imagination runs wild. The pictures will inspire creativity and unlock stories you never knew existed. Perfect for all ages because no reading is involved and Rory’s Story Cubes are portable, making the game ideal for plane rides.

2Sounds Like a PlanSounds Like a Plan

Think you know it all (or like to pretend you do?)? Put your knowledge to the test with Sounds Like a Plan ($20). This is the perfect opportunity to give outrageous advice based on the judge’s unique situations. What’s your best tip on how to make millions? How would you win a hotdog eating contest? This game is more about laughing than strategizing. Expect a fast-paced conversation sparker that will keep the whole family chatting and giggling.

3Smithsonian Artifact or FictionSmithsonian Artifact or Fiction

Sometimes facts are far more astonishing than fiction. But, then again, fiction can sometimes seem believable. Find out if you can correctly identify one from the other with Artifact or Fiction, an educational game from Discovery Bay Games ($20). Your kids won’t even realize that they’re learning as you review strange and interesting Smithsonian facts together.

4Professor Noggin's BaseballProfessor Noggin’s Baseball

Whether you have a sports fanatic in your family or someone who loves to consume facts about anything and everything, Professor Noggin’s Baseball ($12) is an excellent choice for family game night. Answer trivia questions, guess true or false and explore multiple choice possibilities all related to America’s national pastime. Your entire family will be challenged and entertained. This game features easier and more difficult levels to suit a variety of ages.

5DuoPlink for iPadDuoPlink for iPad

DuoPlink ($30) represents the best of both worlds. It’s what you get when you combine a board game with tablet technology. If you have a techie kid or two, DuoPlink will lure them to the table by transforming your iPad into a colorful, digital board game. This device is compatible with two game apps: Yoomi (which is free) and the Smithsonian Artifact or Fiction. Whichever game you chose, your kids will be intrigued, entertained and happy to hang out with the parental units.

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