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5 preschool play date must-haves for moms

Some days it may feel like your preschooler has a busier social calendar than you do! Once she’s left the diaper stage and you ditch the ever-present diaper bag, it is easy to leave things behind. In your scramble out the door, don’t forget these five must-haves for any play date.

1Mommy cards

Perfect for meeting new parents at the playground or at preschool, these handy little business-style cards will remind other parents who to contact when their preschooler wants to play. Even better, it keeps your life simple! No need to scrounge for a piece of paper or dig out the phone to program in a new number. Just pass our a mommy card with your name, the name(s) of your kids are and your contact info. It’s as easy as that! Just avoid putting your home address in case the card gets lost!

We love the bright modern designs at A Touch of Whimsy Designs™, starting at $12.99 for a set of 30.

2Allergy alert stickers

These provide a quick and easy way to alert other parents and caregivers of your child’s food allergies. Stick one on your child’s chest or back during a play date to remind caregivers not to slip your child a goody they shouldn’t have. Available for seven different allergies, you can keep a set in your bag so they are always handy.

We love the fun designs and clear wording at Jeeto!®, $4.99 for a sheet of 5 stickers.



3Reusable snack bags

Little baggies are essential in the life of any mom, as they are great for snacks, toys, medicine and more. Keep the necessity eco-friendly with a reusable cotton version instead of plastic. These snack bags are great for play date meet-ups out of the house and are readily available from a variety of sellers in an array of styles, prints and materials. For crafty moms, free patterns are available online for you to make your own!

We love the cute prints and quiet zippers on the bags sold at itzy ritzy®, starting at $12.99 a pair.


4First aid kits

Accidents can happen anywhere at anytime! Be a super-mom and come to the quick rescue with a handy antiseptic wipe and a cure-all band aid. Whether headed out for play dates, or even when visiting at someone else’s house, it’s always smart to keep a first aid kit handy.

We love the compact and kid-friendly packaging on the medi buddy® first aid kit to go for $5.95.



5Carry-all Tote

Last, but certainly not least, all preschooler moms need a handy diaper bag replacement to tote along on play dates. Keeping a stocked bag solely for outings will help keep things organized and ready. Choose one large enough to hold the essentials listed above, along with water bottles, special toys, a change of clothes and anything else you might need.

We love the eco-friendly, insulated hip chil messenger by BlueAvocado®, just $16.99.


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