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20 Creativity-boosting activities for families


Instead of just sitting around watching TV or playing the same old games, families can get together for some real fun with these creative-boosting activities. Arts and crafts, unique toys and games, cooking and these other adventures will get the creative juices flowing.

Family drawing together

Arts & crafts

Arts and crafts projects are fantastic hands-on activities that are fun for the entire family. Children love to creating items they can use for themselves or give as gifts. This weekend, set aside some time to get creative with your kids.

Do hands-on crafts with toddlers >>

Create sock puppet magic >>

Make vision boards for the school year >>

Create homemade Christmas ornaments >>

Get kids involved painting their rooms >>

Creative toys and games

Look for games and toys that inspire kids to think, plan, construct and create. We have put together a collection of toys and games that your family can play at dinner, in the backyard or on the road.

Enjoy games at the dinner table >>

Play family backyard games >>

Explore road trip activities and games >>

Bond over Legos >>

Buy creativity-boosting toys >>

Creative cooking

The kitchen is full of creative-boosting activities kids love — and they teach valuable skills, too. From the time your kids are toddlers, they can help prepare, cook and serve family meals.

Have a family bake-off >>

Cook dinner as a family >>

Make and decorate a gingerbread house >>

Include kids in holiday cooking >>

Get creative with kids in the kitchen >>

More creative adventures

Think outside the box when planning family activities. Get messy with fingerpaints, water balloons and mud pies. Invite the neighbors and have a scavenger hunt, or stay at home and learn the joys of scrapbooking.

Plan a neighborhood scavenger hunt >>

Create a family book club >>

Discover scrapbooking together >>

Bring out your inner artist >>

Get messy with your kids >>

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