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Creative pose ideas for kids

We love taking photos of our little ones, but little ones don’t always love having their pictures taken. Here are some great ideas for poses and props that will help kids cooperate for the camera.

Portrait of siblings


Dressing kids in accessories such as hats, headbands and neckties is a great way to get kids excited about having their pictures taken. Jen Anderson of Jennifer Anderson Photography says her favorite accessories are hats because they frame children’s faces and allow the kids to show off their personalities. For a little princess, bring a crown instead and let her play queen for a day in front of the camera.

Who’s that kid?

Before taking pictures of your child, think about what defines him. If you are taking pictures of a child who is not your own, have a little interview session with the parents first. Ask what makes their child happy, and find out what his favorite toys and hobbies are. This will help you select the best backdrop and props for the photo shoot.

Emily Potts from Moms With Cameras suggests taking pictures and posing children in a way that shows off each child’s personality. “My best piece of advice for photographing children is to let go of the desire for the perfect ‘cheese’ smile. Instead, incorporate special things into the image such as a favorite teddy bear, book, the environmental surroundings and so on, and then simply let that child be him or herself. Beautiful images are sure to follow.” These types of photographs preserve the memory of who that child was at the age the photo was taken.

Home sweet home

One great place to pose children is where they feel the most comfortable: at home. The pose doesn’t have to be perfect, and the background doesn’t have to be chic; it just has to fit the kid’s personality. Drew B., from Mom*tog, takes pictures of children napping, capturing the peaceful moments in the house. She also allows kids to just be themselves, such as in the candid photos she snaps of her son wearing a cape as he jumps on his bed. The home is a wonderful place to capture a child’s personality.

The key to these photos is to keep it candid. You can set the stage for the photos by putting your child down for a nap or in the bathtub, or allowing your child to jump on the bed, but then just let the child interact in the setting independently. Drew B. also suggests taking closeups of the action, such as your child’s finger delving into the pink frosting of a cupcake.


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