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Creative pose ideas for families

The same old family poses can get pretty boring if they’re repeated year after year. Here are a few ideas to jazz up family photos with some new poses.

Creative posing ideas for families

Bright and shiny

A great way to ensure that family poses look in sync is to add a bright color. Jen Anderson of Jennifer Anderson Photography adds interest to family photos with pops of yellow or jewel tones, along with layers and varying textures. A family dressed in bold colors in front of an interesting background, such as a brick wall or train tracks, makes for a great family portrait.

Those precious moments

Go for a photo that demonstrates the special relationship your family shares by interacting with one another during the shoot, rather than striking a stiff pose. When photographing families, Emily Potts from Moms With Cameras reminds subjects not to stress about a hand being in the perfect place. It’s more important to just get the family in a pose that allows them to interact with one another. “Ask Mom and Dad to kiss while you get the kiddos to laugh, or have the youngest tell a joke to the rest of the family. Another suggestion is to have parents tickle, hug or kiss the little ones. All these kinds of interactions will create priceless expressions and moments that the family will cherish forever,” says Potts.

Home is where the heart is

A great way to capture a natural pose is to photograph a family in the home. Sit back and click away while Mom cooks dinner, while the family plays a game, or as Dad reads a story before bedtime. Ask family members what they like to do best, then capture those memories on camera.

If you’re the one snapping the photos for your family, think of the memories that you are going to miss the most when the kids are older. Create a photo album dedicated to them. Think of the kids’ faces when Dad comes home, your daughter playing with your makeup while you get ready for a date with Dad, or the kids helping you bake the Christmas cookies. Any of these “poses” are sure to spark a bit of nostalgia years down the road (or even next week).


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