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Baby poses that inspire the imagination


If there’s one thing new mothers can count on, it’s that your baby’s first year will zip by in a flash. You’ll probably have your camera snapping at every opportunity, but how can you capture the best possible photos of your baby? SheKnows shares tips from experienced photographers on how to take the best baby photos.

Baby photos

Parental poses

All too often, mom or dad are the ones behind the camera, and they forget to get in the photos with their baby. Posing a baby with mom or dad often results in some of the most precious images.

“My favorite baby image is anything that shows a connection,” says photographer Tara Whitney. “I recently captured a truly sweet moment for a client. The image is a close up, showing father and son profiles, but the baby had gently rested his forehead against his dad’s. The way Dad is looking at his son is a heart melter, for sure.”

“My favorite imaginative baby pose is a simple shot of the baby held in a parent’s arms,” says photographer Wendy Laurel. “Of course doing that against a colored wall or blanket is a fun touch. But it’s the baby and the parents that matter.”

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Sibling snuggles

When photographing your baby, make sure you include brothers and sisters in the memory making.

“My favorite baby poses involve older siblings,” says Megan Moore of Clickin Moms. “There’s something so tender and genuine about seeing a newborn lying on an older brother’s chest or being held by the oldest sister with other siblings looking on (or leaning in to give a kiss) … it tells a story about family dynamics and the love and protection with which the baby is surrounded.”

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Baby’s room

It’s always nice to photograph a baby in his own environment. If your nursery has good natural lighting, it makes the perfect backdrop.

“I love shooting babies in their room and including something that is special or sentimental to the family in the shot,” says photographer Sarah Root. “It makes the photograph that much more meaningful when looking at it years down the road.”

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Swaddled slumber

Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby? Take advantage of your subject’s dream time to snap some close-ups of that precious little face. Naptime can be a great time for a baby photo shoot, since you won’t have to worry about hunger, diaper changes, or flailing arms getting in the way of that perfect shot.

Photographer Amy Smith‘s favorite poses are the most simple ones, where a baby is positioned naturally — a moment in time that captures the baby’s life right then and right there, “I love babies swaddled up peacefully sleeping in their crib, peeking in from the side at them. I love baby cuddled up in momma’s arms while she glows with happiness at this new little being. Sure all those others poses of babies with funny hats and quirky poses can be cute, but I’m afraid that through the years they’ll look dated. The natural moments in time will stand the test of time.”

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