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Fun lessons about everyday heroes

In today’s world, it’s more likely that your child idolizes athletes, celebrities and even cartoon character likes Lightning McQueen — versus important people in society like police officers, nurses, firemen, farmers and teachers. But if you teach them about the importance of these people through fun lessons, your child will grow to respect real-life heroes.

1Little boy dressed as firefighterTake a tour

Do some research to see if you can tour a fire station, police station, farm or a hospital. Taking your child to the place where everyday heroes do their work can do wonders for a child’s intake and imagination. If you personally know any real life heroes, ask them to sit down with your child to talk about what it is they do, and why their work is so special to everyone in the community — and the world.

2Encourage kids to play the every day hero role

Instead of only infiltrating your child’s life with commercialized characters on toys, clothing, etc., incorporate some items representative of real-life heroes. After all, what kid doesn’t love to play with a toy doctor kit or run around the house with a “hose” putting out fires? Use that playtime as an opportunity to teach your kids how these service people are heroes in our lives.

3Grab an opportunity when you see one

Any time you hear a fire engine as you stroll through the grocery store or take your child to school, use that as an opportunity to help them learn more about the everyday heroes in their lives. After all, if it wasn’t for the farmers, they wouldn’t have such nice juicy apples or healthy eggs for breakfast; if it wasn’t for the nurses and doctors, their tummy aches wouldn’t go away; and what fun would preschool be without their loving teacher to push them on swings, or read them a story after snack time?

4Give him the (fun!) tools to learn

Helping your child learn about everyday heroes is as easy as a trip to your local library or jumping on the internet. Check out fun picture books that explain a police officer’s job or print out color sheets and activity pages from the internet based on everyday heroes.

5Show a little love

Get your child drawing a picture, or helping you bake cookies to give to the local fire station as a thank you for all the hard work they do. Helping your children appreciate our local heroes and give them thanks is an invaluable lesson.

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