5 Great bath toys for preschoolers

Oct 24, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Bring on the bath time magic with these great bath toys for preschoolers. From fishing toys and bath puzzles, to waterproof books and bath crayons, we’ve got the lowdown on the best bath toys around.

Happy preschooler in tub

1Fishing toys

Edushape Deep Sea Fishing Set

Splish splash! There's nothing like going fishing in your very own bathtub. Fill the tub with all your favorite floating toys and use your bath time fishing rod to make the catch of the day. We love the Edushape Deep Sea Fishing Set made of fun, textured plastic which is perfect for little hands. Fishing toys are also great for teaching hand-eye coordination.

2Floating bath puzzles

Your kids will love practicing their reading, matching, memorization and creativity skills with super sturdy floating bath puzzles. This set of cards by Splashimals is perfect for little kids. Learn animal recognition, mix the cards to create new animals, play memory games and more — all with these adorable and durable floating cards. You can play with them in the water or stick them to your bathroom tiles when wet. The bath time fun never ends.

3Bath art

Color My Bath tablets

Rub-a-dub-dub! Let your little artist explore his creative side in the best place in the house — the bathtub! Not only is it the perfect location to get messy, but these bath crayons and finger paints by Alex even help kids get clean! Safe and gentle, your preschoolers can go crazy designing beautiful masterpieces without you having to worry. Afterwards, cleanup is as simple as 1-2-3. Or, try some Color My Bath tablets for extra fizzy fun. They come in 300 different colors, designed to delight your child with a dazzling burst of color when added to the tub.

4Waterproof books

Turn bath time into storytime with these soft, waterproof storybooks. The chubby shapes are easy for little hands to hold while mom or dad reads the story. We love the Sesame Street Bath Time Bubble Books featuring Let's Get Clean, Opposites, Bedtime Stories and Colors in a set of 4 books.

5Racing play set

Can't get your little boys away from their Hot Wheels? Never fear! The Hot Wheels Tub Racers Play Set is here. Make bath time into Hot Wheels time with a floating island play set — which features a spiral ramp launcher, squirter and secret trap door! Speed your Hot Wheels cars into a sudsy adventure and everyone ends up squeaky clean.

SheKnows TIp

Not sure how to keep bath toys from molding? Invest in a mesh bath bag to store your toys so they can air out and dry overnight.

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