What baby names are likely to cause name remorse?

Nov 11, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. ET

A new study shows that eight percent of parents regret the baby name they chose for their child. Get tips on preventing baby name remorse.

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Many parents know someone in their family or in their circle of mom friends that regret their baby name choice for their baby boy or baby girl. A few may have gone as far to legally change the name, but most either live with it, call their child a nickname or go by their middle name instead of the first name. How can you prevent baby name remorse from happening to you?

A new study by babynamedomain.com said that eight percent of new parents regretted their baby name choice -- and over half gave the reason as picking a name that was too trendy. In fact, 1/3 of these parents said that they thought their name was original, but realized it was more popular than they thought.

It is interesting that those who chose unique names or less popular names were less likely to suffer baby name remorse than those who picked trendy, popular names. Based on the findings of the study, here are some tips to avoid baby name remorse.

Avoid popular baby names

Each year the Social Security Administration puts out a list of the top baby names of the year, taken from birth certificates in the United States. Even though there are some great names on the list, these names are the most popular names so your child could be one of many who has the same name in their class or school. Names like Jacob and Isabella, thanks to the popular Twilight movies, are just two names that are in danger of being overused, as are names like Sophia, Emma, Ethan and Jayden.

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Avoid trendy baby names (sorry, Twilight!)

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Many parents think they are choosing a unique baby name when they go for a trendy name, but find out that other parents had the same idea when they run into two other girls named Tiana at the doctor's office! Girl names like Maci, Giuliana, Quinn, Adalynn and Kinley are great names -- but they are rising to the top of baby name lists the fastest and are sure to be at the top of the lists next year. For boys, Bentley, Kellan, Knox, Enzo and Karter are trendy names that are in danger of being overused.

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Unique names of the past

To find a name that is unique, yet not too "out there" or too trendy, look to the past! Classic names that never go out of style are always a good bet, such as Percy, Owen or Sebastian for boys, or Opal,  Rose or Violet for girls. Have fun with whimsical names that are unique and fun, or look at your family tree for family names that hold special meaning.

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