Pretty, Super-Feminine Names for Girls

You’re having a baby girl, and while there are plenty of routes you could take with your new daughter’s name (Game of Thrones baby names, anyone?) are you suddenly feeling a pull toward all things delicate and pretty? If that sounds like you, we’ve got a list of names you’re going to love.

We looked at flowers, gems and, yes, even celebrities to find the perfect dainty and precious names for your little beauty. These choices are classic, but they’re not overused, so you can count on your daughter’s teachers being able to pronounce them — but you can also rest assured she won’t be surrounded by 15 kids with the same name.

You just might find the perfect name for your new arrival on this list.

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Tips for finding a pretty baby name

Still not finding the perfect fit? Then why not consider sourcing romantic names straight from the Romance languages? You can use our advanced baby name search to narrow down your choices to French baby names, Spanish baby names or Italian baby names, for example.

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Another tip is to think about your favorite characters from novels, movies or even romantic poetry for inspiration when searching for a pretty baby name. Lily Bart, anyone?

50 Pretty girl names
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A version of this article was originally published in December 2011.


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