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5 Fun morning games with your preschooler

Not everyone is a morning person, and for some kids, it can be really hard to get them going when its early. Here are 5 morning game ideas to help engage your preschooler and get them ready for the day.

1Preschooler jumping on couchCereal and pipe-cleaner bracelets

While the o-shaped cereal is out, grab some pipe cleaners and make simple bracelets. These are fun to make and also exercise your preschooler’s fine motor-skill dexterity. Simply have your child loop one piece of cereal at a time onto a regular-sized pipe cleaner and bend the ends together to create a fun bracelet. You child will delight at getting to play with his food and will most likely want to make several of these for everyone in the family.

2Mirror tic-tac-toe

Getting ready for the morning with children underfoot can be very challenging. To keep your preschooler occupied while doing your hair or makeup in the bathroom, give them a few dry erase markers to play tic-tac-toe on a low-level mirror. The marker simply wipes off but will keep your child engaged while waiting for mom (or dad) to finish their morning routine.

3Indoor hopscotch

Create a hopscotch grid on a tile, carpet or wood floor using low-tack painter’s tape. Don’t forget to create the numbers as well. You can use a beanbag or stuffed animal instead of the standard rock. Take turns hopping through the course. Place the grid leading outside of your front door so your child can hop her way into the world each morning.

4How many steps

From the time you get your child out of bed, help her count how many steps she needs to take to complete her morning routine. Try to remember how many steps it takes each morning for a week and discuss what she did differently each morning that affected her number. This is a fun way to stay focused on morning routines and also learning about numbers.

5Practice counting

See who can count the doors, windows or floor tiles in your house the fastest (and most accurately). Your child can also count cans in your cupboard, forks in your drawers or shirts hanging up in a closet. If you are playing on the way to work or school, he could count red cars or mailboxes.

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