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Indoor activities for when it’s cold outside

Winter — and with it, major yucky weather– is quickly approaching. Fear not! Being stuck inside doesn’t have to equal sadness and boredom for either you or your child. Here are four simple ideas to keep your children occupied when the weather prevents you from playing outside.


Boy with cardboard fortBuild a playhouse out of cardboard

You and your child will be entertained for hours, if not days, making cool cardboard structures that can be built, customized, torn apart and then built up again. Get started by stocking up on cardboard boxes, plastic rivets and building plans (available from

2Toilet paper bowling

Set up a pyramid tower of 12 unused rolls of toilet paper and have fun using a beach ball to bowl and knock the tower down. Set a timer to see how many times you can knock them down and set them back up again in a minute.

3Make heart-shaped crayons

Have your child help unwrap any old, dull crayon ends you have hiding in the bottom of the art box. Using a sharp knife, carefully chop the crayons into 1/2-inch pieces and evenly distribute into a silicone heart-shaped muffin pan until the cavities are 3/4 full. Place the muffin pan on a baking sheet and bake at 230 degrees for 15 minutes. Let it cool completely before un-molding. You now have 12 heart shaped, multicolor crayons that are fun to look at and color with.

4Picnic in the living room

When eating is always relegated to the kitchen or dining room table, it is a sweet treat to have a picnic in the living room. Lay a quilt or sheet on the floor and serve easy-to-eat finger foods. To avoid messy cleanup, make sure drinks have lids and food is only eaten while seated. Then wrap up the crumbs in your blanket and take them outside to shake off.

Watch: How to build a fort in your room

With just a few things from around the house, you can turn your bedroom into a fortress!

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