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Great reasons to go apartment building trick-or-treating

There are countless reasons to take your trick-or-treating indoors this year. Apartment buildings are some of the hottest places to get your Halloween treats and parents will love that it’s a safe and dry place to go door-to-door. Use these tips to make the most of apartment building trick-or-treating.

Costumed kids trick or treating

Tips for trick-or-treating at an apartment building

Thinking about taking your kids trick-or-treating at an apartment building? brings you several tips for a safe and fun trick-or-treating experience.

Leave your coats at home

In most parts of the country, it’s pretty chilly outside by the time Oct. 31rolls around, and unless your kids are dressed as polar bears for Halloween, it’s likely that they’ll have to throw on at least a coat to go trick-or-treating. However, if you’re trick-or-treating apartment-style this year, you can leave the winter gear at the front door and let their costumes shine!

Be prepared to fill up that bucket quickly

Your kids will love this part of trick-or-treating in an apartment building — being able to hop from apartment to apartment is so much quicker when you’re inside. This can only mean one thing — more candy to fill up that trick-or-treat bucket! There’s no doubt about it: Apartment trick-or-treating means more candy at the end of the night.

Stay safe while trick-or-treating

Despite being one of the most fun nights of the year, it can also be the most frightening — for parents! Between having the kids running around outside in the dark (usually in a huge crowd) and having to be hyper-vigilant about traffic safety on Halloween, this isn’t the safest holiday around. Another point for apartment trick-or-treating — no dark yards to lose your little ones amongst other trick-or-treaters and no fear about busy streets.

Tips for apartment dwellers

If you live in an apartment, use these tips so that your door is the one all the kids want to knock on come Halloween night.

Get in the Halloween spirit

If you’re building is having trick-or-treaters this year, have some fun with it! Get together with the other tenants on your floor and decorate your hallways with spooky, haunted house-esque decorations!

Set a specific trick-or-treating time period

Post a sign on the front door or your building with the exact times that trick-or-treating is allowed in your building so that you aren’t fielding a ringing doorbell all-day long. Remember that families with younger children prefer to trick-or-treat before dinner, so make that an option, if possible.

Be clear about which apartments are participating

Let trick-or-treaters know on the way into your building that apartments with decorated front doors are trick-or-treatable.

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