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7 Ways to keep your family active

Do your kids suffer from couch potato syndrome? Would they rather play video games than go outside? And do you feel guilty telling them to get exercise when you can’t even remember the last time you broke a sweat? If you’re ready to make a commitment to fitness, here are seven easy ways to keep your family active.

tips for being more active as a family
1Play with your kids

Instead of sending your kids outside without you, go with them. Ask them what they want to do and jump in and do it. From playing a game of dodge ball to racing them to the next tree, you can have fun while burning some calories.

2Walk after dinner

Instead of watching TV or getting on the computer, go for a family walk after you eat. The more, the merrier — maybe there’s a family in your neighborhood that wants to join you.

3Become a team

Sit down as a family and decide what new activity you want to try together. You could take a hike in that canyon you read about, sign up for a 5K run or walk for a charity. Not only are you getting healthy, but you’re spending quality time together.

4Join a gym

Gyms don’t just have to be about treadmills and lifting weights — sign up the entire family and make it fun. Many gyms have rooms where you can play a sport like soccer with your kids, pools where you can swim with your kids or even rock walls you can climb with your kids.

5Ride your bikes

Go on a family bike ride. Leave the car in the garage and bike it to your destination. You can ride to your son or daughter’s soccer game or plan a picnic in the park. Mix it up and have fun.

6Involve your kids in your exercise

It doesn’t have to be Frisbee in the park or playing their favorite game every day. Your kids can also try forms of exercise you enjoy — like yoga or running — and feel special that they’re interacting in your world.

7Walk to school

If it works for your schedule, walking your kids to school can be a great way to get exercise — plus you get a chance to talk to them about how school is going. You may not be able to do this regularly, but even making time for it occasionally can be beneficial.

With childhood obesity on the rise, it’s especially important to keep your kids active and healthy. Starting young is the best way to instill habits that will hopefully stay with them through adulthood. And making exercise a family affair will make it more fun for everyone.

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