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Top 10 list: Why I love being a mom

Being a mom is, indeed, one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the world. But ask a group of moms and most would agree that it’s also the most rewarding. These real moms share the top reasons they love being a mom.

Mom with daughter

1Enjoying the successes

The “best part of being a mom is getting to experience on a daily basis all of my kids’ successes. I have a son with autism and nothing comes easy to him. So we marvel at how people take so much for granted, like learning shapes or using a spoon. I get joy every day from what they both accomplish.” — Cyndi Coe, mom to Spencer, six, and Grayson, four.

2Watching them grow

“Seeing the confident, free-thinking, creative people they have become, helps me remember that the little stumbles in parenting mean very little in the long run.” –Hays Henricks, mom to a 22, 19 and 14 year old

3Seeing the wonder

“The best part of being a mother, in my opinion, is that with young children every moment is a new adventure. I love seeing their eyes light up with every new discovery. From figuring out how to sound out words, to mastering that addition problem, to just playing house with the dolls from their doll house — everything is done with an innocence and a sense of awe.” — MeGan Galko, mom of kids ranging in ages from three to eight

4Learning important lessons

“I love how I feel like my son is teaching me to be the best version of myself that I can be. As a mom, I need to be more patient, kinder, gentler, sweeter and more rational than I generally am able to be on my own. He brings out the best in me.” — Emily Guy Birken, mom to a 13 month old

5A reminder to stop to smell the roses

“Now that I’m a mom, I make time to do the fun things in life like color Easter eggs, go trick-or-treating and bake Christmas cookies. When it was just my husband and me, we would just breeze past holidays and other traditions. Life just feels like it has more substance now,” — Steph Merkle, mom to a one year old

6Pure joy!

“My number one reason why I love being a mom is the pure joy I get from being a special part of my daughter’s life — watching her learn, smile, giggle, and grow.” — Caren Begun, mom to a three year old

7Making the world a better place

“I LOVE being a mom because it is the proudest thing I have done — raising another human being to make a difference in this hurting world.” — Linda Van Kessler, mom to a 27 year old


“It gives me courage to face and conquer my own fears so that I can allow him to see that no matter the difficulty, you can accomplish what you want.” — Lisa K McDonald, mom to an 18 year old (link: )

9Daily inspiration

“The thing I love most about my kids is that they are a purer, more innocent version of myself and my husband. In a sense they inspire me to go back to a “me” that wasn’t as hard, distrustful, stressed-out or tired. They motivate me to be a better person in general, as I try each day to be a good mom.” — Linsey Knerl, mom to kids ranging in age from 16 months to 13 years

10Special moments

“My favorite thing about being a mom is that my daughter can make any moment special. To see her learn, explore, grow, smile, laugh and even cry can make any moment memorable.” — Linzy Roussel Cotaya, mom to a one year old

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