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The ultimate Halloween costume guide

Halloween is less than three weeks away. Do you have Halloween costumes for the family? If not, don’t worry because we have ideas. Check out our Ultimate Halloween Costume Guide! We’ve rounded up the best Halloween costumes for babies, boys, girls, tweens, moms and moms-to-be.


The Halloween countdown is on: The costume and candy fun is less than three weeks away. No idea what to do for a costume? No worries! We gathered the cutest, scariest, sweetest and funniest Halloween costumes for everyone — from your brand new baby to your tween. And don’t forget yourself, Mom! You can dress up for Halloween, too.

1Halloween costumes for babies

From an itsy bitsy spider to a not-so-scary monster, we collected seven of the most adorable Halloween costumes for babies. If you’re unsure how to make your baby’s first Halloween memorable, check out our costume suggestions.

1Halloween costumes for girls

Halloween is yet another opportunity for your little girl to dress up. Take her Halloween costume over the top with these magical Halloween costumes for girls. You’re sure to find something perfect from our picks of princesses, a Smurf, a peacock and more.

1Halloween costumes for boys

Stuck on a boy Halloween costume for your son? You’re sure to love one of our choices. Whether your son is into dinosaurs, superheroes or something in between, you’ll find a winner on our list of Halloween costumes for boys.

1Halloween costumes for tweens

If your tween is having a hard time committing to a Halloween costume, check out our ideas for seven popular tween Halloween costumes. From an awesome Angry Birds costume to a Pottery Barn skeleton, take a look at our suggestions for tween Halloween costumes.

1Halloween costumes for moms

Being a mom is all the more reason to grab a costume and get in the Halloween spirit. However, if you’re not sure what to wear on Halloween, check out our list of eight great Halloween costumes for moms. You can represent your favorite character — from Glee to Yo Gabba Gabba.

1Halloween costumes for pregnant moms-to-be

Do you have a baby on board? That is no reason to skip your Halloween costume this year! We’ve gathered six great Halloween costumes for pregnant moms-to-be. From a sweet angel to a naughty devil, we have Halloween costume ideas for all pregnant moms.

1Halloween costumes on a budget: Do it yourself

Not interested in breaking the bank with a store-bought costume? Try one of these fun DIY Halloween costumes. From a homemade hippie to a mummy, you’re sure to like one of our homemade Halloween costume ideas.

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