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7 Adorable Halloween costumes for babies

Halloween is less than three weeks away, and if you’re still trying to settle on the perfect Halloween costume for your baby, it’s time to make a decision! We’ve rounded up seven fabulously adorable baby Halloween costumes for your little pumpkin.

1Tootsie Roll Halloween costume

Your little tootsie can be a real Tootsie Roll for Halloween in this Tootsie bunting infant costume ($29.99). It’s especially perfect if you live in an area with cold weather. Put a long-sleeved onesie underneath and even add long pants if it’s really chilly. And tell us how fitting this is — the costume is a mini Tootsie Roll!


2Baby longlegs Halloween costume

Turn your sweet little baby into a (sweet) little spider for Halloween in this baby longlegs Halloween costume ($39). As the website says, Ms. Muffet may have been frightened away, but there’s nothing frightening about a darling baby in a cute spider costume!


3Baby Scooby Doo Halloween costume

Scooby, Scooby Doo, where are you? All dressed up for Halloween, that’s where! Start your baby’s first Halloween off on the right foot, er, paw, with this darling Scooby Doo bunting costume ($19.99). The costume includes a hood and a bunting with collar.


4Baby hot dog Halloween costume

Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog! I can’t be the only parent with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song stuck in my head permanently! Well, your newest addition probably isn’t ready for that yet, but you can dress her up for Halloween as a hot dog. This hot dog bunting costume ($29.99) will make it okay to eat your baby’s cheeks, just this once. Bonus points to parents who sport the mustard Halloween costume and the ketchup Halloween costume!


5Baby Monster Halloween costume

You might call your sweet babe your little monster, and now you can actually dress her up as one for Halloween. The baby monster Halloween costume ($34.95) will make your baby look anything but scary in this painfully cute plush costume. It has snap legs and non-slip booties, plus that not-so-scary headpiece.


6Baby Pirate Halloween costume

Aye, matey! Your tiniest cargo can travel as a real pirate — or a convincing one! This three-piece baby pirate Halloween costume ($27.99) will do more than show your baby off on his first Halloween. It will make your life easier — the top and bottom pieces are separate. Brilliant!


7Baby pumpkin Halloween costume

No Halloween costume roundup is complete without the baby pumpkin Halloween costume ($29). Just because your baby is, well, a baby doesn’t mean he can’t rock a Halloween costume. This adorable bunting costume will keep your tiniest pumpkin warm on Halloween.


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