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7 Popular Halloween costumes for tweens


Here’s your chance to show your tween that you know all about the hottest Halloween costume trends this year. Go ahead and give it a try! At first, your tween will probably deny that you still have some sense of what’s popular, but after you offer up these Halloween costume suggestions, you’ll be the coolest mom on the block.

1Gothic Vampira Halloween costume

Your little gothic vampire will fit right in with the rest of her blood-sucking friends, but thanks to this Chasing Fireflies gothic vampire costume ($78), she’ll have the best costume around. With the dramatic lace detail and deep blood red shimmer satin, she’ll be haunting for the best candy. Complete the look with some fangs and maybe even some red lipstick.


2Zombie Halloween costume

He’s alive… and coming after your candy! This super scary zombie costume ($98) has every attention to detail covered, from the tattered shirt and ghastly headpiece to the chest scar and broken shackles. Your tween zombie will look like he has just escaped the super secret scientific testing lab and is ready to prowl the dark streets on Halloween night. Add some stiff arms and a staggering limp and you’ve got yourself a creepy monster-like zombie.


3Spiderina Halloween costume

Little Miss Spiderina ($44) is quite the trend-setting witch and with colors that bright, you’ll be able to spot her a mile away. The standup collar and pink tulle will make her the girliest witch around on Halloween night. Don’t forget her broom or she’ll have nothing to clean up all the spiders that cross her path.


4Skeleton Halloween costume

The most versatile Halloween costume this year is the simple Pottery Barn Teen skeleton costume ($31.99). I’ve overheard so many tween boys say that they are planning to dress as a “skeleton skateboarder” or a “skeleton zombie” or a “skeleton something or other”. With this simple hoodie-style fleece costume, your skeleton will be warm while spooking the competition. To build on this costume, simply add a skeleton mask, a skateboard (with protective gear and maybe some reflectors), fake blood and you’re all set.


5Angry Birds Halloween costume

Good luck getting your hands on one of these highly coveted flying birds for less than $75, but if you do (or if you decide to splurge), you will be the coolest mom ever. (Keep an eye on Party City — they plan on having them in stock soon for $29.99.) With this Halloween costume, your Angry Bird will fly through the streets seeking the best candy for the highest score. Just make it completely clear that you have no plans to build a life-size slingshot.


6Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Halloween costume

Your tween can be freakishly fabulous this Halloween night as Ghoulia Yelps ($29.99), the geek chic brainiac with retro cat-eye glasses and a long blue wig. As the daughter of the zombies, Ghoulia Yelps will blow away the other monsters as the smartest kid in school with the best style.


7Super Mario Halloween costume

Power-up with this life-like Mario costume ($29.99). Complete with an inflatable belly, matching hat, signature mustache and realistic jumpsuit, your tween will advance to new levels while looking the part on Halloween night.


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