How to be more efficient when you work from home

Although the benefits are sweet, a challenge often faced by work-at-home moms is not the inability to manage their work, but their tendency to multitask as home life seeps into the work from home day.


So, how do you maximize the time you do have when work should be your key focus? From finding your peak productive time to learning to delegate home tasks, discover how to become more efficient when working from home.

Pick your peak productive time

You may be a superwoman, but you’re not a machine. Instead of going at high gear all day with little results, choose the time when you’re most productive. “Know thyself,” says Barbara Waxman, life coach with Odyssey Group. “What time of day is your best in terms of energy and focus? Typically, it is in the morning.” Tackle your most important tasks during your peak and watch your to-do list begin to disappear.

Set a schedule

ScheduleWhen you earn an income from home, your kids often need your attention, from being burdened by boredom to fighting growling tummies. Just as you lay out your daily tasks, set up a schedule for your kids so they, or a helper, know what’s in store as the day marches on.

Get ready for the day

BlazerWhen you work from home, wearing your PJs all day may put a lull in your productivity. Get showered, put on makeup and get dressed before you set your workday in motion and you may find yourself energized and more productive.

Put it on paper

Write things down,” urges Renee Kutner of Peace by Piece Organizing in Atlanta, Georgia. “Don’t overestimate your memory… or underestimate your busyness. Once it is on paper, it can be off your mind, so you can productively focus on current tasks at hand without taxing your mind remembering all the little things you’re not currently working on.”

Break it down

Your workload can be overwhelming when mixed with daily household tasks, so break it down into manageable pieces. “We feel much more productive when we can actually complete something,” says Kutner.

Hire a mommy’s helper

You may not need a full-fledged babysitter, but someone to help supervise and engage your kids while you work at home will give you more time to focus on maintaining your income from home.


Make a list of home-related responsibilities that tend to interrupt your workday and figure out what you can delegate to other members of your household. From picking up the playroom to collecting laundry hampers, age-appropriate chores will help lessen the load of daily duties that tend to seep into your workday.

Although learning how to be more efficient when working from home takes a little extra time initially, more efficient time management when you work at home will ultimately save your sanity!

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