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4 Ways to embrace family bonding in the 21st century

In the past, family bonding time often meant parents and kids gathered around the dinner table or a board game, but as the digital age marches on, quality time has evolved to include the latest technology.


From Facebook games to Skype, discover four ways to embrace family bonding in the 21st century.

Find Facebook games for family bonding

Whether the kids are away at college or just across town, you can still score some family bonding time over your favorite games for family on Facebook. This online social network offers many multiplayer online games your entire family can engage in, even when you can’t schedule face time.

“I’ve always liked Wheel of Fortune on television, and now a lot of my family plays it together on Facebook during specific times every night,” shares Ms. Lue Gill of Zanesville, Ohio. “Now I chat online while playing and keep in touch with my sister-in-laws, grandson and nieces and nephews in the process.”

Engage in online multiplayer games

ComputerWhether you’re sitting behind a computer or sporting a smart phone, family members can play multiplayer games together — either in the same room or miles apart. With a few simple, fun game apps like Sketch, an interactive Pictionary-style game you can play with family and friends, or Cestos, an app with real-time games to compete against your family members.

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Invest in a game console

Game ControllerEngage in friendly competition on your family game console, which has put the active in activity thanks to motion-sending technology and wireless remotes. For families trying family bonding from afar, game consoles such as Xbox Live, Play Station 3 and Wii offer online play.

See them on Skype

Invest in a webcam such as the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 and spend some face time thanks to video chat technology. Combined with free video chat programs such as Skype, you can keep up with your kids, grandchildren and extended family as if they were right in front of you, regardless of the miles that separate you.

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Families have used games as family bonding time for years, but the games have changed and become more digital in nature,” explains Peter Blacklow, EVP of GSN Digital. “Games like Jeopardy or Price is Right on Facebook give families the same dynamic of sitting around a board game when they sit around the iPad or laptop. Conversely, families who are miles apart can stay in touch by playing these popular games online together.”

Regardless of how you choose to connect, set up an online calendar to help you to schedule family bonding. Using technology that your kids are more hip to will likely make them less resistant to spending time with mom and dad and embrace family bonding in the 21st century.

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