5 Best breastfeeding accessories

Oct 27, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. ET

The obvious benefits of nursing may be enticing when it comes to breastfeeding your baby, but perhaps more women would choose to be breastfeeding mothers if they discovered some of these convenient breastfeeding products! From hands-free pumping accessories to nursing apparel that makes breastfeeding stylish, discover the five best breastfeeding accessories on the market today.


pump-a-pairPump-a-Pair is a simple strap that turns your top-hook nursing bra or tank into a hands-free pumping accessory. "As I sat pumping one day dreaming of reading a magazine or really doing anything besides holding the horns, I thought, there has to be a better way to do this that would still be affordable! That is when I started developing Pump-a-Pair! I truly believe that Pump-a-Pair fulfills the need of all pumping mothers by offering a way for them to pump hands-free that is fast, easy and affordable!"

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For breastfeeding mothers who are tired of seeing milk wasted from your other breast during letdown, Milkies is a milk-collection storage bag that you slip into your bra while nursing in order to collect the milk that would otherwise leak into your nursing pad or shirt. "This method can collect 1/2 to four ounces or more a day just from using Milkies during nursing," says Ashley Walkup of EmbracingBeauty.com.

3Milk-bandsMilk Bands Nursing Bracelet

Milk Bands Nursing Bracelets offer the style of trendy silicon wristbands and the sanity-saving functionality for sleep deprived breastfeeding mothers. This breastfeeding product consists of a silicone band and plastic sliding markers to help you keep track of when and how long your little one nursed last without having to jot it down on a piece of paper every session.

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4lily-padsLily Padz Breast Pads

LilyPadz let you trade in your disposable or cloth nursing pads for a flexible, breathable, invisible alternative breastfeeding product. The silicone pads are non-absorbent and conform to your breast for a hidden way to keep your shirt dry and bulk-free.

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5Expressiva nursing tops


Clothing that gives breastfeeding mothers a little extra privacy, like Expressiva nursing tops and dresses, offer both convenience and privacy when nursing in public. With peek-a-boo openings and trendy designs, these convenient nursing tops and dresses will change the way you look about what breastfeeding mothers wear!

A great place to find the latest breastfeeding products is to visit a baby expo or to talk to other breastfeeding mothers you know about what's worked for them. Whether it is these five best breastfeeding accessories or tricks of the breastfeeding trade, developing a circle of support can make all the difference in your success with nursing your bundle of joy!

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