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Plan a fall weekend away — with the kids!

The school year and fall sports season are off to a great start. Everyone is in their routines and life is good. Awesome! But do you get then feeling? The one that makes you think you could use a little break from the routine? Your kids probably feel the same way, too. So plan a weekend away — with the kids!


“With the kids?” you ask. “But they’re driving me a little crazy!” True, but escaping the regular routine with your family could be the perfect way to press the reset button. Take them out of the situations that make you (and them) a little stir-crazy and pokey, see something new or have an experience as a family unit, then get back to that usual routine.

1Everyone could use a break

As good as it is to be back to the regular school routine, a short break from might be just what the family needs. Yes, the kids, too. Just a little something different. A weekend break, whether it’s a regular weekend or a long weekend with a Monday holiday, where you get out of town and see something new can make the whole family feel refreshed and ready for the push through to the winter holidays. Making family memories in a mini-vacation.

2You don’t have to go far

You don’t have to go far to get the benefit of a weekend away. Taking off on a Friday afternoon, after school and work, means you might not want to go far. You want to get there (wherever “there” is) in a reasonable amount of time, and you’ll want to get home on Sunday in that same reasonable about of time! In fact, too long a drive home can negate the benefit of that weekend away.

3Go with a goal

Whether it’s to see friends or go to a specific event or location, set a goal for your weekend away. An apple farm you remember from your childhood perhaps, or an indoor waterpark. It could be anything as long as it’s something. While lounging at the inn just reading sounds heavenly to the adults, remember that the kids need a little more activity.

4Stay flexible

As with any vacation with kids, mini or otherwise, staying flexible will be key to everyone’s enjoyment. Be ready and open to try something new, stopping on whim or leaving the farm for an afternoon family nap, if that is what is needed. The point of a weekend away isn’t that is be perfect according to preconceived plans — it’s to be together among different scenery and recharging the family battery a bit.

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