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Enjoying seasonal festivals and fairs with your family

The changing colors of the leaves in the trees, the crisp night air and earlier sunsets are just a few of the signals that fall is upon us. The increase in fairs, festivals, apple pie and baseball playoff games also lets us know that a seasonal change is upon us. This fall, make an extra effort to enjoy the seasonal events with your family. Seek out the festivals and fairs and pumpkin picking farms and make some lasting fall memories with your family.


Some events may be long time regional traditions that you wouldn’t miss — or just forget about because you’re so used to them. Others may be new or new to you. Keep your eyes and ears open in the coming weeks to learn about events, festivals, fairs and farms where you can engage in fall fun with your family. There’s something for everyone this autumn.

Celebrating the harvest

Autumn is the traditional time to celebrate the harvest, and you may have the opportunity to do so legitimately. If you are part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm, your farmer may be hosting a harvest event to wrap up the CSA season. Additionally, many restaurants that celebrate local food seek to highlight this time of year by offering special events or special deals. Some will be fancy and more for date night while others are casual and purposely include children. Such an event is sure to be tasty!

State, regional, and local fairs

It’s also the time that many areas of the country have their agricultural fairs. Farmers bring to the fair the results of their hard work during the growing season — and other events and attractions have grown up around that core value. You can go see how well the new lambs are growing, guess just how big that giant pumpkin really is, admire crafts and handiwork, go on some rides and eat some crazy food on sticks. Check your local newspapers for information on local fairs and festivals.

Apple and pumpkin picking

With the advent of fall is the advent of apple and pumpkin season. There are farms all over the country with trees and fields filled with these fruits ready for a day of fall fun. Some locations offer hayrides out into the fields, hot mulled cider and the like for a truly family friendly day. Super special are the locations with cider donuts. Mmmmmm. (Hint: You might want to think about a holiday card photo while you are there!)

And the fun doesn’t stop when you leave the orchard or farm. All manner of apple and pumpkin recipes extend the enjoyment for days or even weeks at home.

Hayrides and Halloween

The one holiday that falls in the middle of fall — Halloween — provides plenty of fodder for fall fun. Look for Halloween themed hayrides and haunted houses, costume parties and trick-or-treating opportunities at local businesses. Some orchards and fairs may combine them all into one over the top fall event! Your kids will have a blast. Why don’t you get our a costume, too, and join in the fun?

Fall festivals come but once a year. Make the most of this beautiful season. Take advantage of the events, fairs and farms in your region for the best autumn yet.

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