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Monday Mom challenge: Have more fun this fall

The kids are settled into school and the household routine is chugging along. It’s not quite the November/December holiday crazy time — yet. You are in the midst of the precious few weeks in fall when you can take advantage of the season and the somewhat settled feeling and relax a little. Let yourself de-stress and have some fun in this transitional time.


Once the holiday crazies begin in earnest, you’ll be glad you took some time to have some fun. Not only can you find a little extra fun in this season — you need it and deserve it! It’s these times that help balance the busy times. Make time to have fun. Make a choice to have fun!

1Seasonal opportunity

A mom’s life is busy to say the least. You’re constantly organizing and planning and thinking about the family schedule and more. There are, however, pockets of time throughout the year when you can let your guard down just a little, and autumn is often one of those times. School has begun and the kids are settled into their fall routines. There’s a fun holiday approaching (Halloween), but it typically does not have the stress and expectation associated with the November/December holidays. This is a perfect time to let your guard down a little and take advantage of the season and the opportunity to just enjoy.

2Stop, look, listen


Yeah, you’re probably used to going from one thing to the next: Once one busy season is over, you’re planning for the next! Advance preparation is terrific, to be sure, but if you’re constantly anticipating the next busy time, when are you just enjoying the moment? Thought so.

So…stop in your tracks. Where are you right now, both emotionally and physically? Look around. What can you enjoy or appreciate or take advantage of right now? Listen. Is there silence? Or the sound of a contented family going about their daily routine? Is there laughter? How can you join in? Take a deep breath. In and out. And again.

3Get out and enjoy it

Now take all that…and get out of the house and find your fun this autumn. It could be in a long walk with a close girlfriend or in taking a trip to the county fair with the kids. It could be deciding to get goofy with the other moms at the soccer game by becoming impromptu cheerleaders for your kids’ team (don’t forget the pom-poms). It could be a karaoke bar with your sweetie or deciding that you really do need to test every apple pie at the local bakery — quality control, you know.

Whatever it is, do it. Decide that this will be the season — this will be the day — that you have more fun.

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