Creative baby name spellings: Good or bad?

Oct 31, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. ET

One of the hottest baby name trends is to switch up the traditional spelling of a name to make it more unique, for instance Khloe instead of Chloe.

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Is this a creative way to make your baby name more unique, or will it end up being a nuisance for your child? We weigh the pros and cons of this baby name trend.

Many of today's parents want a baby name that is unique enough that they won't have the same name as every other kid in their school. Instead of searching out an unusual name, the new trend is to switch up the traditional spelling of a name to make it more unique.

The pros of creative baby name spellings

Some parents want to name all of their children names that start with the same letter, such as the Kardashian sisters (Kim, Khloe and Kourtney). Changing the spelling of a traditional name so that it starts with the chosen letter is a fun way to get your baby name theme going.

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Slightly altering the spelling of a name is a great way to make a baby name sound more feminine or masculine. For instead, Logan was the 17th most popular boy name on the Social Security Administration's List for 2010. By adding an additional "n" to the end of the name, Logann has a more feminine sound that is perfect for a baby girl. The name Billie is a cute unisex name that is well-suited for a baby girl, while Billy is used more for boys.

Many other names have different spellings that are perfectly acceptable and not too "out there." For instance, both Madelyn and Madeline are ranked in the top 100 baby girl names, as is Jayden and Jaydan for baby boys.

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The cons of creative baby name spellings

Names like Rian (instead of Ryan) or Aeryn (instead of Erin) look cool on paper. However, in real life your child will have to get used to spelling or pronouncing their name for friends, teachers and employers. These non-traditional spellings could work for your child, but they could also work against them if they become self-conscious about always having to pronounce or spell their name.

If you are searching out a non-traditional spelling in the hopes of finding a truly unique name, know that many of these names are actually becoming quite popular and you might find little Jaiden (Jayden) in a room full of the same names! For example, Karter (instead of Carter), Ibrahim (Abraham), Karson (Carson), Maci (Macy) and Kamila (Camilla) are some of the names that are increasing in popularity and moving up the popular baby name lists.

Keep this in mind...

If you truly want a baby name with a non-traditional spelling, try to keep the general sound the same. For instance, use a "K" instead of a "C" or an "F" instead of a "Ph." Spelling out the sounds of a name is a great way to find a unique spelling that is also easy to pronounce, such as the popular use of "-leigh" for "-ly," in Ashleigh (Ashley) or Kensleigh (Kensley).

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