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Powerful Baby Names for Your Natural-Born Leader

Do you have big plans for your baby? Of course you want to set your kid up for success. And that means giving them the tools and confidence to follow their dreams — whether that’s becoming an iconic artist, a major CEO, a leader in political activism… or, hey, the first female president of the United States (let’s hope we don’t have to wait decades for that, though). And what better way to start them out than with a strong name?

Because we know making a final decision on a baby name is so much harder than it sounds, we’ve created a list of names with meanings of strength, power and nobility — you know, ones that will have a nice ring to them when they’re spoken in the boardroom at a Fortune 500 company. Some of these are a little out-of-the-box, but you might be surprised to find some old classics on the list as well.

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Powerful baby names for kids with bright futures
Image: Terese Condella/Sheknows

Boy names

  1. Amell — German name meaning “power of an eagle”
  2. Oswald — English name meaning “divine power”
  3. Rinaldo — Italian name meaning “wise power”
  4. Aziel — Hebrew name meaning “God is my power”
  5. Kano — Japanese name meaning “one’s masculine power; capability”
  6. Ozzy — English name meaning “divine power”
  7. Edric — English name meaning “power and good fortune”
  8. Azai — Hebrew name meaning “strength”
  9. Ryker — Danish name meaning “strength”
  10. Angus — Gaelic name meaning “superior strength”

Girl names

  1. Valda — German name meaning “power, rule”
  2. Comfort — French name meaning “strength”
  3. Ebba — German name meaning “strength”
  4. Jaiyana — Arabic name meaning “strength”
  5. Audra — French name meaning “nobility, strength”
  6. Audree — French name meaning “nobility, strength”
  7. Mildred — English name meaning “mild of strength”
  8. Millie — French name meaning “strength, determination”
  9. Orzora — Hebrew name meaning “God’s strength”
  10. Carla — Portuguese name meaning “one who possesses strength”

Originally published October 2011. Updated August 2017.

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