64 All-American Baby Boy Names That’ll Never Go Out of Style

Searching for a name for your soon-to-be-born baby boy isn’t easy. The options are seemingly endless. Should you go with a baby name that honors your heritage? Or should you go with something more cutting-edge? But in the end, sometimes going back to basics is truly the best route. Modern names may come and go, but a sturdy, classic, all-American name will stick around forever.

We’ve rounded up a list of names for boys that are might be traditional, trendy or retro; but they all have one thing in common: They are beloved in America.

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Popular American boy names

Each year, the Social Security Administration releases a list of the top baby names of that year, taken from birth certificates. Noah has nabbed the top spot for the past three years running. So who else made the list?

According to the most recent list released (in 2017), these are currently the top 10 names for baby boys:

Top American boy names of all time

The Social Security Administration also compiled the most popular baby boy names of the past 100 years (from 1916 to 2015). This list gives us a great snapshot of the top American boy names ever.

These are the top 10 most popular boy names of the last century:

Trendy American boy names

Wondering what boy names are the hottest of the year? These are climbing the charts the fastest.

Check out the modern and upcoming all-American boy names.

Classic boy names of the past

Old-fashioned names are making a huge comeback here in the U.S. These names are classic, and you’ll probably even find a couple in your family tree.

If you are looking for a distinguished and traditional all-American name, check out some of these options.

All-American celebrity boy names

We couldn’t leave off the baby names of some of our favorite American celebrities. These are unique, trendsetting and forward-thinking.

Some of our favorite celebrity boy names:

  • Bingham Hawn — son of Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy
  • Diesel Dean — son of Olympian Jennie Finch
  • Finn — son of actor Autumn Reeser
  • Kannon — son of actor Kevin James
  • Skyler — son of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe
  • Felix — son of actor Elizabeth Banks
  • Forest Sage — son of actors Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber
  • Zeppelin Bram — son of actors Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris
  • Bronx Mowgli — son of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and actor/singer Ashlee Simpson

A version of this article was originally published in October 2011.


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