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Picky eaters, baby names, SpongeBob and more


Looking for a quick overview of what’s new and hot from the past week at SheKnows Parenting? Check out our SheKnows Parenting week-in-review. From recent parenting news to can’t miss tips, it’s all here!


A new study on selective eaters. Could picky eating be an eating disorder? Determine whether your child is choosy.

Still looking for the perfect boy name? Quirky boy names. Off-beat names for your baby boy.

And if you’re having a girl… Quirky girl names. Try something unique, but not weird!

The school year is just getting started, and yet your child is busy. Is your child overscheduled? Figure out how much is too much.

Prepare for your child’s checkup. 5 Questions to ask your child’s pediatrician. Ask these at a well visit!

Stylish kids’ clothes. Stella McCartney launches children’s line. Celebrity Pregnancy.

Getting the (little) kids together. How to host a play date that is easy and fun. Play date success!

Who has ADD under the sea? SpongeBob Square Pants! Does this kids’ cartoon cause attention and learning problems?

Rock that body, mama-to-be. A pregnant bikini contest. Real Mom’s Guide.

Your marriage is important. How to keep your marriage emotionally hot. Stay connected.

Stay stylish as the weather cools. Fabulous fall maternity tops. Pregnancy Fashion.

If your child’s school still has a music program, what instrument will she play? How to help your child choose a musical instrument. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Do you and your partner have different parenting philosophies? How to marry two parenting styles into one household. Good parenting rules to live by.

Are your prepared for all possibilities? Forceps during delivery. Conditions, concerns and risks.

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