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Months 12-18: Common milestones

Babies flourish in months 12-18! Here are some fun and important milestones to note during Baby’s 12th through 18th months of life.

baby eating pasta

12 months

  • Looks at people when they say her name
  • Can crawl or scoot around (some babies never crawl — they just go from scooting to walking, and that’s fine!)
  • Cruises or takes a few steps unassisted
  • Can express emotions ranging from happy to sad
  • Can go from lying down to sitting up on her own
  • Waves “bye-bye”
  • Babbles/”communicates” to you, her toys, other people

13 months

  • Uses two words besides “mama” and “dada” on a regular basis
  • Enjoys seeing his own reflection in the mirror
  • Cooperates while you help dress him (helps put leg into pants, reaches out arms when you put on his shirt, etc.)
  • Adds words with gestures to express wants/needs
  • Can roll a ball

14 months

  • Self-feeds with fingers
  • Dumps out bins/buckets of toys/items
  • Imitates others
  • Likes to play games
  • Can identify one body part when prompted (“Show me your nose! Where’s your nose?”)
  • Can follow easy instructions
  • Uses utensils to self-feed
  • Can match lids with correct containers
  • Uses walker/push- and pull-toys correctly

15 months

  • Plays with a ball
  • Walks backward and/or runs
  • Draws/doodles
  • Loves to say “No!”
  • Wants to help around the house (or imitates your housework, e.g., vacuuming)
  • Puts fingers to lips and says “shhh”

16 months

  • Can flip pages of a book
  • Has outbursts/temper tantrums to express emotions (anger/frustration)
  • May become attached to one (or a few) special “loveys”
  • Starts to climb (everything!)
  • Can stack as many as three blocks
  • Can use utensils to self-feed
  • Imitates correctly using the phone, remote, everyday objects
  • Can remove clothing by herself (at least one item)
  • Starts to get more particular about new foods
  • May drop second nap

17 months

  • Plays “pretend”/role-plays
  • Pretends to feed a doll/toy
  • Speech becomes more understandable
  • Throws a ball underhand
  • Can dance
  • Can sort by size, shape and color
  • Can kick a ball straight ahead

18 months

  • Flips through books by himself/studies pages/pictures
  • Scribbles/doodles skillfully
  • Can form simple two-word sentences
  • Can brush teeth with your help
  • Stacks up to four blocks
  • Can toss a ball overhand
  • Can take apart and put together toys
  • May be ready for toilet training/shows interest in going on the potty

Keep in mind that every baby develops at her own pace, but check with your pediatrician if you have concerns regarding your child’s development.

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