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Months 7-9: Common milestones

Your baby is growing fast now! Months seven through nine will fly by, but they are also important months in terms of development. SheKnows offers this list of common baby milestones when your baby is between the ages of 7 and 9 months old.

Baby standing assisted

7 months

  • Sits up unsupported
  • Pulls toys/objects toward herself with the raking motion
  • Lunges forward
  • Begins crawling
  • Babbles and/or combines syllables
  • May experience newfound shyness around new people
  • Waves “bye-bye”
  • Can stand while supported by something/someone
  • Bangs together objects/toys (like blocks, pots and pans, etc.)

8 months

  • Says “mama” or “dada” to parents, but may not be able to determine which is which
  • Can pass toy/object back and forth between hands
  • Stands while holding onto something/someone
  • Can crawl
  • Points at things
  • Searches for hidden objects
  • Can pull himself up to stand
  • Begins to cruise
  • Uses thumb-finger pincer grasp to pick up objects
  • Uses pointing or gestures to communicate what she wants/needs

9 months

  • Stands assisted/holding something
  • Babbles and/or combines syllables
  • Comprehends the permanence of objects
  • Cruises while holding onto furniture
  • Can use and hold a sippy cup
  • Feeds self with fingers
  • Engages in games/songs with hand gestures such as patty-cake or peek-a-boo
  • Can correctly identify “mama” and “dada”

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