6 Ways to maintain your social life as a new mom

You may be a new mom, but that doesn’t mean your social life has to go out the window. In fact, you need your friends now more than ever. Use these tips to maintain your social life as a you enjoy being a brand-new mommy.

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1Return messages

Phone calls, emails, texts — you get them all, but you just don’t have time to reply to every single one, right? Wrong. Your friends are showing they care by reaching out, so do the same for them. They know you’re busy, so keep it short and sweet; they’ll understand. They probably won’t tolerate being ignored for long, though. Too many unanswered messages might lead to cracks in your friendship.

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2Take a night off

Being a mom is a full-time job, but everyone needs a little time off. Leave the baby with your hubby or your mom, dress up, do your hair, put on makeup and go out — even for just an hour or two. An evening in the real world with adult conversation and no crying baby will rejuvenate your friendships and do a lot for your mental health, as well. Most moms feel a little bit of guilt when they leave their babies behind to go out, but you’ll return rested, refreshed and able to be a better mommy because of it.

3Make new friends

There’s nothing wrong with moms having single friends, but you’ll find that having mommy friends has its own set of benefits. Having friends who are moms means you have someone with whom to trade tips and horror stories. For example, you can discuss favorite diaper brands, ways to get your baby to eat, what to do when she won’t sleep, and so much more — and know that your friend can sympathize. Meet moms at playgroups, storytimes, playgrounds and even the grocery store.

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4Find common ground

Respect the fact that your single friends are, in fact, single. Don’t use all of your time with your single girlfriends talking about poop, puke and sleepless nights. They won’t get it, they may be grossed out, and they’ll probably be bored. Talk about them. Talk about the outside world. Talk about work. Listen. Remember the things that you used to talk about pre-baby, and bring those things back into the conversation. Of course, talking about your precious little one is fine; just don’t let it be all you discuss. The time you spend with these friends can be your temporary escape from mommyhood, so use it to your advantage.

5Include them

Your child is a big part of who you are now. If your friends are going to keep being your friends, they must accept that and get used to being around your baby. Think of activities you can do with your baby that your single friend will like, as well, and invite her along. Everyone likes walking around at the zoo or strolling through a mall or museum. Call her up before you do things like this and ask her to join you. You won’t have to give up time with your baby, and you can spend some precious time with your friend.

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6Make time

You’re tired. You’re busy. We know. Unfortunately, that doesn’t give you an excuse to ignore your friends. Force yourself to carve out some time to spend with friends and maintain your social life; you’ll be glad you did. Let the house stay dusty for a day or let the laundry pile up. Keeping those friendships intact is more important.

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