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8 Apps for new parents

If you would have asked a mother 100 years ago what her favorite app was, she’d have looked at you strangely and asked you clarify exactly which kitchen utensil you meant. Today, the word refers to smartphone mini-programs that help make our lives easier. Here are eight hot apps for the new mom on the go.

I Love Potty TrainingI Love Potty Training

Interactive cartoons show your child exactly how to use the potty, and you can award him virtual reward buttons for a job well done.

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BabyPhone DeluxeBabyPhone Deluxe

When the babysitter isn’t enough, BabyPhone Deluxe picks up the slack, turning your smartphone into a baby monitoring system. It listens in on the room’s activity — and if it detects noise that exceeds a preset level, it will call a designated number and allow you to listen in on your little one.

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Kid CareKid Care

Developed by St. Louis Children’s Hospital, this application is the WebMD of children’s ailments. Just type in a few symptoms and get info in seconds.

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Children have close to no concept of time. Instead of using only the typical abstract representations of time, KidClock helps your child associate activities with time of day, putting time into a framework he can understand. Customizable settings allow you to fit it to your family’s lifestyle.

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White NoiseWhite Noise

If you need to decompress and relax your overtired brain, this is the app for you. White noise can help you unwind when you have a precious bit of time to rest.

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Give a naughty child a time-out countdown with this application. (He can’t argue with a smartphone.)

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iRelax MelodiesiRelax Melodies

These ocean, rain and other nature-inspired melodies soothe tired souls and relax sleepy brains.

Get the app here >> Dinner Dinner Spinner

This one is parenting-specific, but it comes in handy when you’re running around trying to feed a new baby, other family members and yourself. Whip up a simple meal by selecting ingredients or your desired method of cooking. You’ll have an easy meal in no time!

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App review:

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

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