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6 Active ways to connect with your baby

You can connect with your baby in countless ways, but remember: Babies can get overstimulated quite easily. Take small steps, and heed her cues. Here are six active ways to forge a bond with your baby.

Woman reading to baby


Your baby loves to hear your voice, and by listening to you, your baby is learning how to vocalize. You don’t have to go to a fancy music class to engage your child in song, though mom and me musical programs are available everywhere these days. Simply sing some lullabies before bedtime and some fun songs (with hand motions and clapping) during playtime.


Hug, kiss, coo, cuddle. Repeat. Touch is an incredible way to connect with your baby, and it never gets old. Snuggle with your little one before nap time, gently stroke her hair when she wakes, and give her butterfly kisses when you are being playful. A parent’s loving touch says more than a million words ever could.


When reading to your child, you don’t have to stick to the script. Create your own story for your child based on the pictures in the book. Keep it simple, and point to characters, objects and shapes to help your child understand the picture and the story. If your baby is old enough to respond, ask questions about what he sees on the pages and what is happening in the story.


Babies love to work the little limbs they are just discovering they have. Take your baby’s hands and help her move and groove. You also can help her stretch during a dance session. Don’t worry about looking silly dancing around the living room with your baby.

Baby yoga is another great way to get active with your baby. Look into mother/baby yoga classes in your neighborhood or pick up a yoga exercise DVD.


Make up a goofy tune, make silly faces, and play peek-a-boo until the cows come home. You will likely tire of this long before your baby does.


Strap your baby into a baby carrier and hit the nature trail. Exploring the outdoors together while experiencing contact with your baby is a great way to bond. Point out sounds and sights as you walk. If your baby is old enough, pop him into a stroller, or let him walk with you during your outdoor excursion.

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