5 Date ideas for new parents

You haven’t showered in days, you’re leaking breast milk, and you’re not quite sure if that chunk on your shirt is spit-up or poop. You’re definitely not in the running for the sexiest mom on the block award. Never mind all that. Jump in the shower, freshen yourself up, and spend some time reconnecting with your partner. Here are five fab date ideas for new parents.

New parents on date

1House date


If you’re just not ready to leave your new baby with a babysitter, that doesn’t mean a date is out of the question. Put the baby to bed, and have a date at home. Make it easy and pick up dinner from your favorite restaurant – or even better, have it delivered. Light some candles, and take the time to enjoy your meal and each other’s company. This night is all about you two – at least until the baby monitor starts squawking.

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2Intimate cafe

Plop your sleepy selves into the coziest seat (preferably an overstuffed couch), order up a caffeinated drink, and re-kindle the sparks. If you’re lucky enough to have a cafe located in a bookstore in your area, make it a double-duty date, and browse the magazines or books. You might want to pick up some books for your baby, but don’t forget to treat yourself to a good read, too.

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3Romantic picnic

Breathe in that rejuvenating fresh air, and shake off the zombie-like state that often accompanies the constant care of a new baby. If you don’t have a babysitter, take your little bundle with you. A long stroller ride through the park will have your baby snoozing in no time, and the two of you can enjoy a romantic picnic en plein air.

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4Errand date

So maybe running errands isn’t the most romantic choice for a rendezvous, but it’s a lot easier to zip through your to-do list without a baby in tow – and it will give you uninterrupted time to hold hands, talk about how things are going, and enjoy your togetherness. A practical date might consist of doing some produce shopping at the farmers market and grabbing some lunch while you’re out. Even if you’re just heading to the warehouse store to stock up on diapers and wipes, you’re doing it together.

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