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7 Steps to starting a family blog


You don’t need to know a thing about Web design to start a blog. Plenty of user-friendly tools are available that can help you get your family blog up and running right away. Here are seven simple steps to starting your own family blog.

Mom setting up blog

1Choose your blog name

Consider whether you want to include your family name in the title, or leave it out for privacy reasons. Then decide on a tone — cute, clever, serious, journalistic etc. Play around with some ideas, then pick a name that you think will stand the test of time.

2Register your domain name

If you want to be able to use your blog name as your URL, you must register the corresponding domain name and sign up for a hosting service. (If you go with free hosting through a blog platform, your URL will look something like If you decide to register your domain name and sign up for a hosting service, look into the services of Register, GoDaddy, Network Solutions or other registrars and hosts. Hosting runs approximately $10 per month.

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3Pick your platform

Even a blogging novice should be able to get a blog up and running with a popular blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr.

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4Customize your blog design

This is the fun part: You can use free blog templates, tweak those yourself, or hire someone to design a custom template for your blog. Use color, graphics, font and layout to create a blog template that gives you the look you want.

5Add photo gallery

If you’re starting a family blog, you probably want to share family photos. Free photo gallery plug-ins are available for many of the popular blogging platforms.

6Add video

Video will really bring your family blog to life. Use it to share special milestones, such as when your baby first crawls, tastes rice cereal or cries uncontrollably on Santa’s lap.

7Consider privacy options

If you don’t want your family’s names and faces shared publicly, add a password to protect your blog. Think ahead to when your child is older: He may not want to have embarrassing photos, videos and stories about him shared in such a public forum. Remember, too, that future employers will certainly Google your family members, so be cautious about what you share in the public domain.

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Get started

Now that your blog has been set up, go ahead and start saving your family’s precious memories. Send an email out to those you’d like to invite to view the blog.

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