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6 Ways to meet new mom-friends


You’ve made up your mind: You’re ready to venture out with your new baby and meet some new friends. Where do you find them, though? How are you supposed to connect with total strangers? Grab your mommy calling cards and read these six tips on how to meet new mom-friends.

Mom meeting friend at park

1Make a connection in childbirthing classes

Many new moms have found new friends at their Lamaze or other childbirthing classes. Go ahead and strike up a conversation with the fast-breathing mom-to-be next to you. Ask her about her birthing plan, or where she got those cute maternity pants. Once you get started, you’ll probably have a lot of pre-baby planning topics to cover. Make sure you get contact info so you can get back in touch after your little bundles have arrived.


Find a moms’ group online

Moms’ groups are a fantastic way to find like-minded mommy friends. Head to to find a moms’ group in your area. You might be surprised at the variety: You’ll find groups geared toward first-time moms, moms over 35, arts and crafts-focused moms, mom photographers, career moms and stay-at-home moms. Mothers of Preschoolers is another great resource that can help you connect with other moms.

3Head to the park

Parks are truly pick-up scenes for new moms looking for new friends. Look for moms with kids around the same age as your kids. Swings are a great spot to pick up a mom friend. Ask how old her baby is and how often they visit the park. See where the conversation leads, and if you’re feeling like it might be a good match, go ahead and ask for her digits.

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4Take a music or movement class

Classes like Music Together, Gymboree and Little Gym are great places to meet new friends. Getting to know another mom while singing like a dog or sitting under a parachute might be a little awkward, but it can be done. If there’s another mom you like, compliment her kid on his somersaults, hand-clapping, or big drooly grin. These classes are usually held in strip malls, so if you want to make a move, invite the mom and her child to get some coffee or frozen yogurt after class is over.

5Join a mom fitness group

Have you noticed that the women in moms’ fitness groups such as Stroller Strides usually look like they’ve lost all their baby fat and are having a rocking good time? There’s something to be said for getting those endorphins going in the company of other fitness-focused moms. Pack up your stroller and try a Stroller Strides workout for the fitness and the friendship. Try the accompanying playgroups, discussion groups and Moms Night Out evenings, too, because having a meaningful conversation while you’re huffing and puffing isn’t always easy.

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6Go to story time

Check the activity schedule at the library or bookstore for story times or music classes for your child’s age group. Scope out the crowd before picking your spot, and sit next to a promising mom with a well-behaved child. Bring extra Goldfish crackers and hand wipes to share, and turn on your natural charm. A smile, a greeting and some shared snacks will go a long way in kicking off a new friendship.

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