3 Ways to make time for family nights

We have work, school, activities, lessons, housework, homework, bills, dinner, exercise and so much more to fit into each and every day. Who has time for family night? With a little bit of planning and some creative scheduling, though, your super-busy household may be able to find time for a weekly or monthly family night. These tips will help make it easy.

Family night

1Two birds, one stone

It’s hard enough scheduling a family dinner, let alone a family game night — so combine the two. Order some Chinese takeout or throw a frozen pizza in the oven and enjoy it over some fun and games.


Eat and play

Gather ’round a table in the kitchen, dining room or family room, break out the board games and serve up the food. The winner of the evening’s games gets to select the takeout food and the games for your next family night.

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2Afternoon delight

The best time for family night in your busy home just may be the afternoon. A lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon is ideal for spending time together as a family.

Pencil it in

If we’re not careful, weekends fill quickly with activities – shopping, play dates, chores and more. Make a point to schedule your family time: “We’re all meeting back here at 3 o’clock,” for example.


Stay focused on family. If you’re getting up every few minutes to check supper or unload the dryer, then it’s not officially family time.

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3Go somewhere

Isn’t the whole idea of family night to stay in? Not necessarily. Family night means spending time together as a family unit – whether at home or elsewhere.


Look around the house, and you’ll see a million little things to do. This ongoing exposure to unfinished chores and projects means constant distractions to family night.

If this is the case in your household, move the party elsewhere. A change of venue will help you focus on your family instead of all of those other things beckoning around the house.

Family night out

Family night can happen anywhere, as long as you’re all together. Go bowling or skating. Enjoy a bingo game at the fire hall, or take a class together at an arts and crafts store. Bring a quiet board game to the library, bookstore or coffee shop. Drop by a senior center and invite residents to chat with your family. Any place you can gather will work for your off-site family night.

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