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How to have a backwards dinner

Sometimes, spicing up family dinner can be as simple as doing things a little differently. For your next meal, try having a backwards dinner party, serving dessert before the entree!

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A change of scenery

Move the dining room chairs out of the way. and lay a tablecloth and place settings on the floor under the table. Make it special by using ribbon to tie colored balloons (blow them up yourself… no helium) to the bottom of the table so they appear to float upside down.

Fun dessert ideas

For a little extra fun, serve dessert with a twist: Put frosted cupcakes upside down on a clear plate, or serve vanilla ice cream topped with a slice of pie. (Tip: Serve small portions if you’re serving dessert before dinner.)

Fun entree ideas

The excitement doesn’t have to stop at dessert. Turn your entree upside down or inside out, too. For example, make sandwiches with a slice of bread between two slices of deli meat, or serve upside-down pizza.

Take it a step further by making your entree look like dessert. Try this: Mix your favorite meatloaf and cook it in muffin tins. “Frost” it with mashed potatoes and sprinkle with cooked, diced carrots, peas and/or corn.

Other fun ideas

Have everyone come to dinner with their clothes on backwards. After dinner, take a picture of everyone with their backs to the camera wearing sunglasses behind their heads or ballcap with the bills facing backwards.

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