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How to have a food fight

Next time everyone seems too solemn at the dinner table, load your fork with some ammo and let it fly. You’ll be glad you did. A food fight is unexpected, especially when initiated by a parent. There really aren’t a lot of rules, other than to have a good time and resist flinging hard objects like whole apples and pears. You can plan it and let family members know that they should wear appropriate attire, or you can create an impromptu free-for-all.

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Safety first

  • Protect eyes with swim masks or goggles.
  • Discourage running, because floors and patios can become slippery with puddings and other soft foods.
  • Don’t throw eggs in the shell, granular items such as salt or pepper, or anything that could hurt. Eggshell shards can be sharp and would hurt if they got in someone’s eye.

If you’re worried about messes…

  • Protect upholstery and items that are hard to clean.
  • Or, keep the fight outside and let the birds clean up the mess.

Things to fling

Soft, thick foods are best for food fights:

  • Applesauce
  • Jell-O
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Popcorn
  • Puddings
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Whipped cream

Tip: A spoonful of peas launches across most tables quite nicely.

Water balloons

Water balloons are fun no matter what they are filled with. If the food fight is going to be outside, fill balloons with soda or fruit juice. Fill some with plain water to use at the end of the food fight, too: It’s an easy way to clean up.

Less mess

If you’re looking for a food fight without ooey-gooey cleanup, consider items like marshmallows, soft rolls or muffins. Round waffles fly through the air like Frisbees. Best of all: None of these items will stain or smear.


Food can be flung in a variety of ways depending on its texture. A spoon holds a good amount of mashed potatoes; a quick snap of the wrist sends them flying across the room. Marshmallows and rolls work well as slingshot ammo, giving you more accuracy and distance. When all else fails, a handful of whatever is in the nearest bowl is a very effective weapon.

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