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How to host a family movie night

Family movie night can be a good way to relax, kick back and enjoy being together, but if you have done it a thousand times, it can lose its appeal. If your family is making excuses to get out of movie night (“Not tonight, Mom — I want to try some new algebra equations”), try these ideas alone or in combination to recreate movie night for your family.

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Dinner & a movie

Make it a themed evening. Instead of the usual pizza delivery, make something that goes with the movie — a typical food from the setting or plot of the film. For example, choose spaghetti if you are watching Lady and the Tramp, or eclairs for Ratatouille. Likewise, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe screams for some Turkish delight.

Hint: If you are watching a zombie movie, consider forgoing the themed menu idea.

Dress for the occasion

If you will be watching a family favorite seen many times before, have each family member dress up as her favorite character from the movie. For a real giggle-fest, have the kids speak and act like the characters throughout the movie.

Hint: This is probably not a great idea if you are watching a zombie movie.

Dream theater

Have everyone put on pajamas before starting the movie. Push the couch and other large furniture out of the way, and toss pillows on the floor for pure comfort. Better yet, let everyone sleep downstairs for a family slumber party.

Hint: Mom and Dad can sneak up to the comfort of their mattress after the rest of the family falls asleep, unless they’ve watched a zombie movie.

Make it a marathon

Choose several movies that have the same theme, feature a common actor, or are part of a series, and have a movie marathon. This is great for holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or the first day of summer.

Hint: Have intermissions and serve refreshments.

Game on

Make a game out of it. Use scenes from the movie for a game of charades, or play What’s My Line? using the characters. You could even make teams and do a Family Feud-type game.

Hint: Create a special award for the winner.

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