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How to start a family rock band

If your family loves to rock out, start a family band. If you don’t have access to instruments, just use whatever you find around the house. Just about anything can make some type of music. It’s a great way to bond; you’ll all have fun and learn something new. Plus, having a family hobby gets the kids out of their rooms and ecourages time together — and we just can’t get enough of that.

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Homemade music

If you have access to instruments, you have it made. If not, no problem! Beat on pots and pans or the dining room table. Fill empty water bottles and pop cans with rice or beans to make shakers. You can even make a cardboard guitar and strum away.

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Once everyone has an instrument, figure out who’s going to sing. You don’t have to make it just one person – everyone can chime in. And don’t forget to come up with a band name; every great band needs a great name, and yours is no exception.

Decide what music you’re going to play, or play a little bit of everything if you all have different tastes in music. Play a song in the background and play along, or create your own original music. It’s your family band, so what you do is up to you.

Make it even more fun by looking the part. Dress up like rock stars before you put on your show.

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