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How to make personalized placemats

There is no limit to the fun you and your kids can have making personalized placemats, and it will make mealtime more fun, too. To make personalized placemats, follow these simple steps.

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You’ll need a few things to start your personalized placemat, but we’re betting you already have these items in your home:

  • construction paper
  • photo of your child/children
  • markers/crayons/paint
  • glitter
  • stickers
  • other decoration items such as sequins
  • glue
  • contact paper


  1. Paste the picture of your child onto a piece of construction paper. Let your children go to town decorating their personalized placemats. Younger children may need help, especially with glue.
  2. Help them write their names, draw their favorite picture, and decorate their placemats to their hearts’ desires.
  3. Allow placemats to dry overnight.
  4. Take them to a copy store to have them laminated or envelop them in clear contact paper and trim the edges about 1/4 from the ends of the placemat. These act as fun place settings too!

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