How to make handprint mosaics

You don’t have to order a special kit to preserve your child’s handprint. You can make your own handprint mosaic on your next trip to the beach, the park or even in your own backyard. All you need is some damp sand, some plaster of paris (if you are a mom, you likely have this in your arts and crafts station), water and beads, shells, marbles or any other trinkets that your child would like to see preserved as part of her handprint art.

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  1. Begin with a large area of damp packed sand. It should be wet enough that you can make an indention without loose dry sand falling in but not so wet that excess water leaks in.
  2. Help your child press her hand into the damp sand and make an impression about 2 inches into the sand.
  3. Have your child fill her “handprint indention” with beads, trinkets, marbles, shells, chipped but not jagged pieces of ceramic tile, etc., being careful not to press the items too deeply into the sand.
  4. Mix one-and-a-half cups plaster of paris with one cup of water until completely combined. Next, slowly and evenly pour the plaster mixture into the handprint indention and smooth it out with a flat stick like the kind you get when you order a gallon of paint.
  5. Let the plaster dry for at least 30 minutes then carefully dig the handprint out of the excess sand.
  6. Voila! Display your child’s handprint mosaic art in a shadow box frame for the whole family to admire.

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