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How to make cardboard guitars


If you have a big cardboard box sitting around, turn it into a cardboard guitar! Your child will think you’re a rock star – and she’ll get a chance to act like one.

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If your box is big enough, trace the outline of an entire guitar on one side of the box. If it’s not that big, make the body and the neck on different sides. Cut the shapes out with a knife or box cutter, then use sharp scissors to trim any imperfect edges.

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To add extra strength to your guitar, double up. If you have enough cardboard, cut two outlines of the whole guitar and paste them together. If you’re in a pinch, at least reinforce the neck; this is the part of the guitar that usually takes the most abuse.

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Once your guitar has taken shape, let your kids make it their own. Get out paint, markers, stickers, jewels – whatever you have on hand – and encourage your kids to channel their inner rock stars while they design.

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Once the paint has dried, it’s time to make them play. Use a wide needle to make four to six holes at the top of the neck of the guitar. Make matching holes about midway through the body of the guitar. Measure the length between the top and bottom holes and add six inches to that length. Cut string, thread or fishing wire to that length, then insert each piece into the holes at the top of the neck. Secure the strings to the back of the guitar with strong tape, then stretch them down to the bottom holes and secure them the same way.

When your guitars are complete, crank up some guitar-heavy music and let your kids rock out.

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