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How to scrapbook a vacation

Making a vacation scrapbook is a fun way to keep those memories alive and remind children of their family vacation. You can bring the materials along and have your child make the scrapbook during the vacation, or wait until you get home. Either way, your child will have a memorable keepsake for years to come.

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What you’ll need

Scrapbook; construction paper; glue stick or double-sided tape; scissors; markers; pen; photos; journal; memorabilia such as travel brochures, ticket stubs and maps

Step 1: Collect vacation memorabilia

Collect brochures, business cards, ticket stubs and maps from the places you visit so your child can use them to create his scrapbook. Other collectibles, such as seashells, pressed flowers and leaves, and pretty rocks are also great items. Small souvenirs — such as those flattened, stamped pennies from vending machines — work wonderfully in a scrapbook.

Step 2: Take lots of photos

Digital cameras make photo taking and printing easy, and your child will be able to print out as many photos as he needs to place in his scrapbook. Try keeping a written log of where each picture was taken so you remember the exact location when you get home.

Step 3: Keep a travel journal

Have your child keep a small journal of his daily experiences during the vacation so he can add these pages to his scrapbook. Even very young children can do this by drawing a picture of what she enjoyed most each day.

Step 4: Put it all together

When you get home, sit down with your child and help him put together his vacation scrapbook. Use one scrapbook page for each day of your vacation, using photos as their main features. Surround them with other items your child has saved. Cut up vacation brochures and use any pictures and information that are relevant to your child’s experiences.

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