How to decorate picture frames

A decorated picture frame is a wonderful way to personalize a photo and commemorate a special vacation, holiday or family gathering. You and your kids are sure to enjoy adding personalized touches to frames, whether they’re made for your own family or as gifts for others.

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What you’ll need

Picture frame; glue or hot-glue gun; paint; decorations such as sand, shells, faux gems, glitter, beads, buttons or ribbon

Step 1: Choose a picture frame

An inexpensive wood picture frame is the best choice for decorating, but you can also use a metal or acrylic frame. A smooth frame works well with bulky decorations. If you plan to paint your frame or cover it with sand or glitter, then you can use one with grooves or edging.

Step 2: Decide on a theme

The photo you plan to place in the frame will help you decide what type of theme you want. If your photo is of a beach vacation, you may want to cover the frame in sand and seashells. If you have a Christmas family photo, a holiday design is a logical choice. Choose your frame color and decorations with your theme in mind.

Step 3: Paint or cover the frame

Take the back off the frame and carefully remove the glass. Over newspaper, spray-paint or hand-paint your frame. Let it dry completely before decorating.

If you’re covering the frame with sand or glitter, you don’t have to paint it first. Instead, rub glue over a section of frame and then dip it in the sand or glitter. Do this a section at a time until the frame is completely covered.

Step 4: Decorate your frame

Using glue or a hot glue gun, add seashells, gems, beads, ribbons or any other decorations that you want on your frame. Once your frame is ready, simply place the photo inside.

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