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How to play paper airplane races

Teach the kids to fold their own paper airplanes and watch their creativity soar.

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Kids will love playing paper airplane races because they will learn to create their own aerodynamic masterpiece. It’s a perfect family game that can be played indoors since the paper planes won’t cause breakage and making them is just plain fun!

Paper airplanesFold it

Teach kids the basics by letting them watch as you fold a paper into your own plane. It’s fun to decorate or use colored paper to differentiate between the competitors. Your plane flies when you pinch the center between your thumb and forefinger and throw it in a straight line. After a few tries, you can adjust the wings up and down to see what works best.

Have the kids stand behind a line and throw their planes for distance. Make it seem more competitive by using a tape measure to exactly record the length of each throw. For variation, set up a target and have everyone aim at it. Closest one wins!


Have the kids form teams and do a plane relay. One child catches the incoming plane and launches it back in the other direction to the partner. Let them see how long they can keep their planes in the air without it touching down. Try some tricks — see if the children can throw the plane through a hoop (use a hula hoop or sewing hoop) midway across the room. Who can make their plane do the best tricks (loops and swoops) in the air? Pick an imaginary destination and see how many throws it takes for the plane to get there. You can look at a map for inspiration and sneak in a little geography lesson. Is there a faster route? Have the teams race against time to get to the location.

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