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How to play at home bingo

Letters and numbers add up to family fun during at home Bingo night.

50 Days of family fun

Children will sit for hours playing home bingo. With party bingo sets available inexpensively at the dollar stores, you’ll have everything you need for a fun family game night!


Traditional bingo cards have numbers on them — usually 24 spaces with one free space — assigned at random and corresponding with the five letters in the word B-I-N-G-O. Numbers are drawn by the caller, and each player marks off the square when a number/letter combination (such as B6 or O68) is called, and there is an exact match on their card.

You already have fun markers around the house: give the kids pennies, chocolate chips, gumdrops or nuts to cover the squares as the numbers are called. There are other Bingo variations to try — why not play alphabet bingo, numbers bingo, or a bingo game that is themed to favorite TV shows and characters!

Print it

Want to play it tonight? There are plenty of websites where you can find printable cards for a variety of bingo games. For example, go to Teachnology and print out a party’s worth of cards. You’ll also find ideas for new bingo games you can try on your next Bingo Night!

Then get ready with the numbers/letters/answers in a bowl so the caller can draw them out during the game. Set up your bingo parlor with comfy chairs around the table, and you’re ready for the competition. Make it extra fun by having a few small prizes to reward the winners.

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