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How to deal when you’re not ready to be a grandma

Despite the fact that you feel too young to be welcoming a grandbaby into the family, ready or not, grandmotherhood is still staring you in the face. So what are you to do when you’re not ready for your new role? Before you spin off into crisis mode at the realization of becoming a new grandma, get tips on how to deal when you’re not ready to be a grandma, from focusing on how active you can be along side your grandkiddo to cute nicknames for young, hip grandmas-to-be.

Concerns about becoming a new grandma


Regardless of how old your children are, when it comes to your baby having a baby, you may find yourself reflecting on how it will affect your life. “Women feel like their lives are changing when their children move to another developmental phase,” advises Renee Fredrickson, Ph.D. in St. Paul, Minnesota. “When a child takes another step forward in life, mothers feel ambivalent. They are excited for the new but have powerful feelings about the past. Their babies are growing up, and mothers miss the sweet times from earlier years.”

For some grandmas-to-be, the pending arrival of your grandbaby has you taking stock of where the time has gone. Others are afraid of losing your identity now that you’re taking on a new title of grandma. And “sometimes there is a sense of getting older. For example, grandchildren are precious, but they may also bring up feelings about aging,” explains Dr. Fredrickson.

You may be worried that your relationship with your child will change now that she is bringing a child of her own into the world. “Every change brings both good and bad. The extra peace, spare room and time for your spouse when a child moves out are wonderful, but the sadness of time moving along is there, too,” shares Dr. Fredrickson.

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How to embrace life with a grandbaby

The younger the new grandma, the more you can do with your grandchild! From keeping up with him through hands-on museums to chasing after him in the park, tapping into your own youthfulness will have you donning the favorite grandma title for sure.

Another plus as a grandma-to-be? Spoiling the heck out of your child’s child. Not only are you in a more financially secure place in your life than when you were raising a family of your own, you’re also entitled to let them get away with things mom and dad won’t. So, think back to all those times your own child was a handful and fill your grandkids up with sugar before sending them home — at least once.

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Nicknames for young, hip grandmas-to-be

Does the thought of being called Grandma make you shudder? Then perhaps an alternative title for your new responsibilities will help you welcome the next chapter in your life. Going by Grandma or Granny isn’t your only option, with monikers such as:

  • Birdie
  • Foxy
  • GaGa
  • Glammy
  • NotherMother

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Worried that you’ll still be struggling with how to deal when you’re not ready to be a grandma once your grandbaby arrives? Give yourself a break — everyone needs time to adjust to changes. Chances are that once you look into your bundle of joy’s beautiful eyes, you’ll move from grandma-to-be to new grandma with open arms and forget all about the worries you had about becoming a grandma!

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