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Ideas for day trips with the grandkids

When your grandchildren are old enough to spend some quality time away from mom and dad, taking them on a day trip is one of the joys of being a grandparent. When traveling with children, you may be looking for activities that won’t wear you out. From low-key activities like a train ride to active options like a pick-your-own produce farm, discover fun ideas for day trips with the grandkids.


Outdoor day vacations

For grandmas and grandpas who are looking for ways to burn off plenty of calories alongside your youthful grandkiddos, choose an outdoor activity with plenty of room to run around. “Our grandparents tell us they enjoy their grandchildren’s youthful energy and see the future and a world of possibilities through their eyes,” shares Relationship Expert and CEO/Founder of GrandCamp Adventures Patricia Babuka. “By cultivating this relationship, they are presented the valuable opportunity to tap into this energy and ‘be a kid again.'”

Sign up for a pick-your-own produce farm tour or head to the zoo for lessons on nature and plenty of exercise.

Traveling with children on day trips

Taking your grandkids for a train ride will build memories and offer plenty of bonding time when you don’t have to focus on the road. Or hit the drive-in movies for the opportunity to engage in chatter during a flick and a fun movie going experience that is a break from the norm.

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aquariumIndoor day vacations

Aquariums and hands-on museums are both indoor and educational without the risk of boredom or a mutter of “Don’t touch that!” Choosing an indoor destination for your day trip will also ensure you’re less likely to have to worry about Junior running off too far without you.

Indoor arcades and play places such as Chuck E Cheese’s is a great way to let your grandkids run around and feel independent without the ability to leave sans grandparents, thanks to a Kid Check program. Chances are you’ll have just as much fun beating the kids in Skeeball.

Seasonal day vacations

During the holiday seasons, take a short trip to a pumpkin patch or to a Christmas tree farm and relish the joy children experience when choosing their very own pumpkins or finding the perfect tree. Many locations offer carnival-type entertainment and treats along with culture, so this day trip also gives you plenty of chances to spoil your grandkids rotten.

Traveling with children can also be the day trip itself when you peek out the car window at the sights during certain seasons. Driving around looking at Christmas lights or seeking serenity in Mother Nature’s fall or spring colors is a great way to bond with grandchildren on a day vacation without expending a lot of energy.

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When possible, plan to put these 11 ideas for day trips with the grandkids into play during weekday mornings or early afternoons to avoid the crowds. With less commotion, you’ll be able to worry less about traveling with grandchildren and focus more on the fun of planning a day vacation your grandchildren won’t soon forget!

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